Have we found a new home?

We believe that we have found a space that may be a fantastic home for us. This church building sits on approximately 6.5 acres with frontage on highly visible Western Avenue which is easily accessible from all parts of Edmond, Oklahoma City, Deer Creek and the surrounding communities. To the South, it is near the Kilpatrick Turnpike, as well as new growth spots such as, Top Golf, Costco and Chisholm Creek. Largely built in 1998, the two story building has adequate space for our current ministries and lots of room to grow. The auditorium will hold up to approximately 350 – 400 at maximum capacity. The building has ample office space, meeting rooms, children’s rooms, and youth space. The grounds are reasonably well kept, with lots of possibility for improvements. There is plenty of parking currently, and ample room to add more spaces and improve the entrance and exit. This is a building we could use immediately upon closing, and all furniture and equipment on the property will be included in the purchase.

Our Financial Investment

  • Purchase Price: $2 Million
  • Loan Amount: $1.6 Million
  • Down Payment: $400,000

We need to raise $450,000 over three years. Download our FAQ handout for detailed breakdown. We are asking you to make a bold commitment to The HOME Campaign by November 1, 2020 by giving now or making a pledge.

  • Size: 26,892 square feet
  • Land: 6.5 acres
  • Parking: 133 spaces
  • Worship center: 350 – 400 seats

Ample classrooms, including kids equipment, furniture, an office and supply room. Two possible locations with great open areas for youth.

Full kitchen space, which needs improvement

Bright, inviting open space as you enter the building, including small cafe area

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Help us move into our new church home. We are asking you to take the next step with Redemption and make a commitment to The HOME Campaign by November 1, 2020.
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